Anarres Apothecary is open for ESSENTIALS shopping and curbside pick up only.

SAFETY SUPPLIES such as masks, filters, visors and gloves
SEXUAL HEALTH SUPPLIES such as condoms, contraception, menstrual products and medical devices
CLEANING SUPPLIES such as soaps, laundry supplies, vinegar, sodas, brushes, scrubbers and tools.
BODY & SKINCARE SUPPLIES such as shampoos, soaps, tinctures, face care, moisturizers and tools.
ANY OTHER ITEMS MUST BE PREORDERED ONLINE OR BY PHONE for curbside pick up. This means candles and any items not in the above categories.
NUMBER OF SHOPPERS IS RESTRICTED to four or fewer people shopping for essentials. I will determine this number based on many factors including whether anyone is currently shopping in the zone you wish to purchase from.
YOU MUST WEAR A MASK OVER YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE AND SANITIZE YOUR HANDS. I will not permit you entry to buy essentials if you can't wear a mask, are wearing only a visor or scarf, or lower your mask to speak. IF FOR ANY REASON YOU CAN'T WEAR A MASK PROPERLY, PLEASE ORDER THROUGH THE WEBSITE OR BY EMAIL FOR CURBSIDE PICK UP. I am not denying service to you if you are disabled, ill or otherwise exempt from wearing a mask - I am simply telling you HOW I can serve you.
THE HERMIT'S LAMP, my friend's shop at the front of the store, is ABSOLUTELY CLOSED TO IN-STORE SHOPPING. All Lamp orders are fulfilled for curbside pick up or posting only.

Please, if at all possible, place your WHOLE order on our ONLINE STORE

Check out even when you are picking up. Choose PICK UP or your postage preference under the shipping options.

Thanks always for your support and understanding.

Please maintain 6 ft/2m from the doorway and in line.

Please wear a mask over your mouth and nose at all times.

Please order online www DOT AnarresHealth DOT ca.

If you cannot order online, please call 4162621557

Tues-Sat Noon to 7pm ONLY.

We will let you know when your order is ready for pick up.

*You may book an in-store consultation when you need to shop for bodycare, skincare, contraception, menstrual or sexual health products. Email

Tracey, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Founder, Teacher 647 827 6968

1076 Bloor St W at Gladstone

Our Hours Are: Tues-Sat Noon-7pm