Orgasm Advice! for people with vaginas

Q: Hi Tracey,
I'd like to buy a birthday gift for a young lady who told me today that she has masturbated for appx 10 years, and never managed to have an orgasm.
She mostly massages her clitoris with her fingers, she's wet and horny, but she's frustrated she can't climax. I gave her a bit of coconut oil to see if this helps.
Do you have other suggestions? I am not experienced with this, since I've managed to climax as a young child without thinking about how to.
She mentioned a vibrator as an option for the future, but I thought - why not get her one now. She never had sex. Her birthday is next week.
Please let me know,
Thank you!

A: Hi K,

Unbeknownst to most of us, the clitoris loops around inside the vagina and through the cervix, so external clitoral stimulation is not the one way to climax.
For many of us, orgasm is learned and changes throughout life.

My advice is for her to continue exploring her body and extending her sensual range beyond the external clitoris to include sensitive internal and external parts of her body.

A vibrator that is adjustable and stimulates both the external and internal clitoris is the "rabbit" style.
I carry four kinds:
1. Rabbit Habit by Vibratex in silicone $106 (not listed on my website so order by reply email)
2. Twist 'n' Shout programmable by Fokuoku $62 (not listed on my website so order by reply email)
3. Nova Flex by We Vibe silicone rechargeable in pink $159 (not listed on my website so order by reply email)
4. Glass Opal by Jopen in pink or purple $172 here

Let me know what you'd like to order.

Thanks, Tracey